Sarkodie Is A liar! His ‘Try Me’ Diss Song Was Not Leaked – Mr. Logic Fires In New Video

– Mr. Logic dismisses Sarkodie’s claim about his leaked track ‘Try Me’.
– Mr. Logic believes Sarkodie should apologize to Yvonne Nelson.
– Mr. Logic criticizes Sarkodie for not addressing the issue earlier.
– Mr. Logic doubts the claim that the track was leaked.
– Sarkodie finally speaks up about the Yvonne Nelson episode.

Mr. Logic Dismisses Sarkodie’s Claim and Calls for Apology to Yvonne Nelson

On the July 22 edition of UTV’s United Showbiz program, radio show host Mr. Logic disregarded Sarkodie’s claim that his recent track ‘Try Me’ was leaked and not approved by his team and allies. Instead, Mr. Logic suggested that Sarkodie owes an apology to Yvonne Nelson, the target of the song.

According to Mr. Logic, Sarkodie’s apology was only due to the involvement of a woman, and if it were a man, he would have defended his viewpoint. Mr. Logic further pointed out that Sarkodie has been silent on the matter in Ghana and should have cleared the air since the beginning.

Mr. Logic raised doubts about the track being a ‘personal’ project and leaked, stating that Sarkodie should reconsider his claims. He believed that someone of Sarkodie’s stature should not be involved in such trivial information, considering the implications it could have on his brand. Mr. Logic emphasized that Sarkodie should have taken responsibility and apologized from the start.

“Sark messed up, he has accepted that he was wrong, he owes Yvonne Nelson and womanhood. That the song leaked was a lie, it did not, we are not kids,” Mr. Logic fired.

Sarkodie Speaks Up on Yvonne Nelson Episode

Sarkodie finally broke his silence on the Yvonne Nelson episode, where he faced criticism for addressing personal matters in her memoir, including their past relationship and her abortion of his baby. Speaking in an interview with an American YouTube TV channel, Sarkodie engaged in a no-holds-barred conversation.

Watch his video below;


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