Santo says forgive Osei Kwame Despite for k!lling Him – Spiritualist tells Abusuapayin Judas in New Video

A spiritualist on TikTok has some advice for veteran actor Abusuapayin Judas. She believes that he should find it in his heart to forgive millionaire Osei Kwame Despite any wrongdoings he may have committed against him.

The spiritualist claims that she contacted the spirit of the late actor Bob Santo, who had a message for his best friend Judas. According to Santo, Judas is angry with the CEO of the Despite group of companies and even wishes for his death. However, Santo wants Judas to let things go.

The spiritualist alleges that Bob Santo and Abusuapayin Judas played a significant role in the success of Kwame Despite. However, after becoming rich, Despite neglected them, which hurt Judas deeply.

In a video, the spiritualist delivers a personal message to Judas about how he has been handling himself since the passing of Santo. She reveals that Judas often sheds tears in times of trouble and need, wishing that Santo were still alive to help him find a solution.

The spiritualist concludes that the last message Santo gave her for his friend was for him to be happy until they meet again.

Basically, a spiritualist on TikTok believes that Abusuapayin Judas should forgive Osei Kwame Despite for any wrongdoings he may have committed against him. She claims that the spirit of Bob Santo, Judas’s best friend, gave her this message. Santo wants Judas to let go of his anger towards Despite and be happy until they meet again.

Forgiveness is important because it allows us to let go of negative feelings and move on with our lives. When we hold onto anger and resentment, it can eat away at us and make us unhappy. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that we forget what they did or that we condone their actions. It simply means that we choose to let go of our negative feelings towards them and move forward.

We can learn that forgiveness is a powerful tool that can help us find peace and happiness. Holding onto anger and resentment only hurts us in the end. It’s important to try to forgive others, even if it’s difficult. We can also learn that neglecting those who helped us in the past can hurt them deeply. It’s important to remember the people who have helped us along the way and to show them gratitude and appreciation.

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