Sad photo of 9 years old boy with his 11-month-old sibling at his back after their stepmother sacked them for w!tchcraft

Ivuoma Tom, a Facebook user, reshared a post of Isaac, a 9-year-old boy who was chased out of his home and left to wander the streets with his 11-month-old sibling.

The siblings have been homeless and living on the streets for two months, relying on the kindness of strangers since their aunt sent them packing.

According to a concerned person who questioned the boy named Isaac, he confessed that his father, a cab driver, died and his mother died while giving birth to his younger brother.

Sharing a photo of Isaac backing his brother, Ivuoma wrote;

”Auntie chases 9 year old boy and his 11 month old little brother from her house, calls them witches

”They were chased by their AUNTIE while calling them witches

”They have been living on the street for 2 months now and they are feeding with the help of generous people they find on the street. But they don’t have a fixed roof to sleep it’s on the walking table that they sleep with their brother (baby). That bag they hold in their hands is their suitcase where they put their clothes 

“ISAAC told me: THAT his father was a taxi driver he died due to lack of care and money.” her mother died from Cesarean during giving birth to her little brother. ”

9-yr-old Boy And 11-month-old Brother Allegedly Sent Packing By Aunt Who Accused Them Of Being Witches

While the majority of her family are in Goma the only aunt is here in Kinshasa unfortunately she ended up chasing us without a reason accusing us of witches, that is we are the ones blocking her house and so business I’m a husband “without letting go his little brother despite the suffering ISAAC says: “if it is to die of hunger together with my little brother yes I will, but never abandon him” THIS IS THE WORD THAT TOUCHED ME SO MUCH.”