Sad News: Moesha attempts Su!cide but was saved by 4 boys passing by (video)

It appears that Moesha Boduong, a former Ghanaian socialite who recently became a Christian, is suffering from unspeakable psychological agony as a result of her conversion.

After attempting suicide by jumping off a building’s roof, the former Slay Queen was restrained by four big men.

She claims she has done terrible things in the world, including delivering young girls to married men for sex, tempting guys for cash and possessions, and so on, according to the boys who rescued her.

Moesha Boduong also admitted to using weed, sniffing cocaine, and committing a slew of heinous acts while she was not a Christian.

The young Christian who was saved from attempting suicide warned her former Slay Queen coworkers to repent because hell is waiting for them.

Moesha Boduong even admitted to selling all of her cars, houses, and other assets and donating the proceeds to her church. She now takes Trotro with her wherever she goes.

Below is a video of her being rescued and her confessions.

Many Christians are baffled as to how and what the pastor said to push her to the point of attempting suicide. Obviously, being reborn should be a joyful experience rather than a traumatic one. Many people believe the preacher should be interrogated.

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