Return all the cars and gifts you took from sugar daddies if you have truly repented – Kevin Taylor to Moesha Bodoung

Kevin Taylor, a social media activist, has challenged actress Moesha Bodoung to give out her Range Rover and East Legon home if she truly repented.

Taylor claimed that the Bible plainly states that if a person repents, all material possessions obtained via authorized methods must be given up.

As a result, he challenged Moesha to sell her Range Rover, her East Legon house, and everything else she received from sugar daddies and donate the proceeds to the most fortunate in society.

Moesha should return to the place where she had her body reconstructed to get her original body back to show she had truly repented, according to Taylor.

His remarks came after reports surfaced that Moesha had become a “born again Christian.”

watch his video below;

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