Residents Express fear and worry with Jacob Freedom caesar having two Tigers in his house

Residents Express fear and worry with Jacob Freedom caesar having two Tigers in his house

Some residents have been frightened by the sight of two tigers in Wonder World Estates, Avenue Lincoln, near the British High Commission at Ridge in Accra.

Nana Kwame Bediako, also known as Freedom Jacob Caesar, is supposed to be the owner of the estate.
According to residents, the presence of tigers in the neighborhood makes them feel uneasy.
Sources for the Daily Guide say that locals’ attempts to get the facility’s owner or management to get rid of the tigers have failed because their complaints are always met with harsh responses.
Several residents claim that the animals stink.
Those animals are housed in cramped apartments with little natural light or fresh air. One resident claimed that “a very terrible scent comes from them as soon as the door is opened.”
Another resident explained, “They are opened early in the morning and then sent inside around 10 a.m.” They defecate and urinate on the ground. They also make a lot of noise, which keeps us awake at night.

“Neither tranquillizers nor sufficient training is available.” No one knows what would happen to us in the event of an unpleasant situation,” bemoaned another.

The animals have been present since November of last year, when they were cubs, according to the residents, and they had thought that they would be relocated to an appropriate institution after a short time, but that was not to be.

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“Having wild animals, particularly tigers, in an estate in the middle of the city where there is less than a metre between the buildings and also without any adequate training and care [for them],” they grumbled.


They further said that rather than attempting to persuade the owner to remove the animals, he built a structure for them just next to their apartment.

“When we saw them erecting [the structure], we inquired as to whatever institution had given them permission to erect such a structure for animals in a residential area.”

“They stated that they owe us no explanation and that they will not furnish us with any such authorization.” “Even if they had such authorization, it was solely theirs,” they claimed.


One resident (male) was once threatened by one of the tigers, forcing him to run for his life.
One of the tigers is said to have hurt another person, who now has bruises on her foot from what happened.
Residents also said that they told the Ghana Wildlife Society about the problem about a week ago and were told that it would be looked into. However, they have not gotten a satisfactory answer since then.
Residents said that no one from the organization had come to speak with them but that they had seen several officials from the society on the estate on Sunday, May 15, 2022, in the presence of Nana Bediako, but that “they did not tell us anything.”

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“They keep throwing us whenever we call to ask out how far.” We’ve been told that the authorities had traveled extensively and back and forth.

“They don’t tell us anything, which is why we plan to report the incident to the police if we don’t hear from Wildlife Society after a while.”