Remember Kennedy Agyapong’s ‘Prodigal’ Daughter Who Dropped Out Of School? See her recent photos

Kennedy Agyapong, the MP for Assin Central, recently revealed how one of his young girls has become homeless as a result of her rash actions.

Ken Agyapong said that the girl is now begging for money to finish her studies after squandering many opportunities he provided her.

Ken Agyapong claims that his young daughter left the California Institute of Technology (CIT) in her third year of a five-year Architecture degree.

The Assin Central MP, speaking on Oman FM, said that he pays $84,000 in annual school tuition and is thus dissatisfied with his daughter’s choices.

The most difficult thing for him was how he had just paid half of his school tuition ($42, 000) right before his young child contacted him while he was on a plane to China to tell him she was dropping out.

He cut her off from then on, including Kennedy Agyapong, and even used the other half of her school fees for the year to buy a Bentley. While Ken Agyapong did not mention the girl’s name, investigations have revealed the young lady’s characteristics.

Anell Agyapong is her name. has amassed a large amount of data. Kennedy Agyapong and Araba Dawson have a daughter named Anell. In the year 1994, she was born.

Anell enrolled in Southern California Institute of Technology in 2014 to pursue a Bachelor of Architecture degree, however she dropped out in 2016.

Before moving to America, Anell completed her International Baccalaureate at SOS Hermann Gmeiner College, where she excelled.

Anell appears to be a genuine young girl in the photos, and we beg that she resolve her problems and get her life back on track.

see her photos below;

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