Reggie Rockstone Praises Sarkodie For Being Honest In His ‘Try Me’ Driss Song To Yvonne Nelson

– Reggie Rockstone praises Sarkodie for his honesty and humility regarding his song “Try Me”
– Reggie acknowledges that no one knows what Sarkodie went through when Yvonne Nelson’s memoir went viral
– Reggie applauds Sarkodie for admitting that “Try Me” wasn’t his best work
– Reggie’s comments were made in an interview with’s entertainment desk

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Reggie Rockstone Applauds Sarkodie for Honesty and Humility in Admitting Mistake

Hip-life legend Reggie Rockstone has recently shared his thoughts on Sarkodie’s comments about his song “Try Me” during an interview on the Angela Yee show. In a show of support, Reggie commended Sarkodie for his honesty and humility, noting that his acknowledgment of going too far with the song is a sign of character.

During the interview, Reggie pointed out that none of us truly know what Sarkodie went through when Yvonne Nelson’s memoir created a buzz in the media. The emotions and experiences he might have gone through during that time are something only he can truly understand. Thus, Sarkodie’s willingness to admit his mistakes and show a vulnerable side is commendable.

Reggie, speaking to’s entertainment desk, expressed his admiration for Sarkodie’s ability to reflect on his work and acknowledge that “Try Me” wasn’t his finest moment. He emphasized the importance of self-awareness and growth, stating that it takes a strong individual to admit their shortcomings and strive to improve.

In his interview, Reggie Rockstone highlighted the significance of humility in the music industry. He explained that artists should always be open to learning and evolving, as it contributes to their growth as professionals. Reggie further praised Sarkodie for setting a positive example by acknowledging his misstep and using it as an opportunity for self-improvement.

“For you to say you are not proud of something means you’ve got reservations about your actions. And that was quite humble and honest. Because if he was going on based on his ego, I don’t think he would have said that on the Angela Yee show”.

“I took out of the interview that he was in his feelings. He said he didn’t go through his whole team because he didn’t need outside influence. He was upset. You know he was in his feelings. So it’s called an action for a reaction. Can you imagine what kind of heat his wife must have given him at home? Don’t you think he must have had a crazy pressure to react?”


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