Reaction of Ghanaians to the Newly Released Video of ‘Sidechick’ Deborah Adablah Appearing Hungry, Pale, and Darker.

In a swift and unforeseen turn of events, Deborah Seyram Adablah, the woman who gained attention for her legal battle against her ex-sugar daddy, Mr. Ernest Kwasi Nimako, has once again found herself in the spotlight. This time, however, it is not her legal battle that has captured attention, but rather a viral video that has left many questioning the current chapter in her life.

Deborah first made headlines when she took legal action against Mr. Nimako, accusing him of persistent sexual harassment and unfulfilled promises. The leaked writ of summons detailing these allegations sparked widespread discussions and debates. But now, a recently surfaced video of Deborah has taken a different direction from the confident woman who pursued legal action against her former sugar daddy.

In the video, Deborah appears disheveled and seemingly downtrodden. She claims that no man has ever promised her anything without delivering, suggesting that she knows how to ensure promises are kept. This unexpected change in her demeanor has left many speculating about its implications. Some have suggested that the legal battle may have taken a toll on her emotionally and financially, leading to a shift in her lifestyle.

As the public continues to watch and discuss this viral video, Deborah Seyram Adablah’s current situation remains a topic of curiosity and concern. It remains to be seen what the future holds for her and how she will navigate the aftermath of her legal battle.

Watch the video below.


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