Rasta kid arrives in Achimota school to begin admission process after winning court case.

Mr. Nkrabea and his family are currently at Achimota School, where his son, a Rastafarian, is undergoing the admissions process.

As we all know, the problem began when Achimota School demanded that two Rastafarian students clip their hair or forfeit their entrance.

Tyrone Mharguy, one of the students, and his family took the matter to court, and the court found in their favor, ordering Achimota School to admit the student immediately.

The Achimota School has stated that it will appeal, but has not stated whether or not the kids will be admitted for the time being.

In the previous two months, it has remained a squabble, with opposing viewpoints.

We will watch how the day unfolds now that Mr. Nkrabea and his son have arrived to the school to apply for admission following the court decision.

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