“Put the kids back into my womb before I leave”- Lady tells Husband who wants to divorce her

An eight-year marriage ended when a neighbor evicted his wife and locked himself inside with a side girl.

Getty, his wife, and the mother of his two children were spotted sobbing outside her home.

Their two children had gone to school when the mother arrived home unexpectedly from work at 12 p.m. on Friday, September 24.

The woman was enraged and tried to smack the other lady with a piece of wood, but her husband intervened and helped.

Instead of defending his wife, he told her to leave.

Her husband cheated on her with a skinny lady, and she tried to stop him, causing him to toss her stuff out.

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A herbalist divorced her from her stepfather, who married her as his second wife.

“He’s been sleeping with me for ten years; morning, afternoon, and night.” Now he tells me to go back to my mother, but I won’t. “Take my stuff back to our room!” she yelled.

The incident enraged many locals. A sympathetic neighbor offered to assist the lady in giving the man a lesson.

She consulted herbalist Wema Kamaliza, a relationship expert who has salvaged many unhappy marriages.

The herbalist promised to fight adultery with her deadly love spells. She has since revived marriages and relationships that were on their deathbed.

The herbalist helped Getty. After she cast her terrible love spells,

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Getty’s husband had an affair with a side chick that ended in tears, and they both took the other to the police with numerous charges.

Getty’s husband now begs for forgiveness. She hasn’t accepted yet since she’s teaching him a lesson.

The herbalist has put the man in a love charm bottle and guaranteed Getty that her husband will only look at her and never cheat again.

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