Pretty Ghanaian lady and her ‘Oyibo’ husband celebrates 29 years of marriage

With the celebration of 29 years of a beautiful marriage, Nico C.M. van Staalduinen, honorary consul general of the Consulate General for the Republic of Bulgaria in the Republic of Ghana, and his Ghanaian wife have celebrated 29 years of blissful marriage.

In a post on his personal LinkedIn account, the foreigner who describes himself as a concerned Ghanaian published a throwback photo of himself and his wife Kayi, taken 29 years ago when they tied the knot.

In another post, he stated that the wonderful anniversary was being celebrated with famous Ghanaian delicacies, and he included a photo to prove it.

Online users, notably those from Ghana, have been leaving loving comments on the revered icon’s social media posts, which have garnered widespread attention.

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Nico C.M. van Staalduinen and his Ghanaian wife Kayi