Praye Tietia’s Wife, Selly Galley Opens Up On Why Celebrity Marriages Don’t Last

Selly Galley, the wife of singer Praye Tietia has opened up to why celebrity marriages mostly do not last long.

selly galley and praye tietia

Selly Galley and Praye Tietia are one of the few celebrity couples whose marriage has last for long and still counting.

well, according to actress Selly Galley, love and respect makes every marriage last if these two do not exist, the marriage will end in just a few months, years or days.

selly galley

speaking in an interview with Graphics Showbiz, Selly Galley revealed;

“It is the understanding and respect, I respect him and he respects me as well. More so, I love him very much and he loves me as well and that is what I believe keeps us going. Every celebrity can make their marriage work when they work at it,”

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