Powerful female Pastor pours cold water on possessed woman during deliverance – Video stirs online (Watch)

– Description of a trending video: A female spiritual leader attempts to exorcise a possessed woman using bowls of water.

– Reaction on social media: Some find it amusing, while others criticize how religion is portrayed.

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There is a viral video circulating of a female pastor from Ghana who has caused quite a commotion by drenching a possessed woman with cold water during a deliverance session.

In this trending video, we witness an intriguing encounter between a powerful female spiritual leader and a church member believed to be possessed. The lady pastor, determined to deliver the woman from her demons, orders her disciples to bring bowls of water for spiritual warfare with the unseen spirit. And guess what? She immediately pours the first bowl of water over the woman, followed by the second one, leaving her completely drenched in her clothes. Talk about a dramatic exorcism!

Now, hold on a second! This video has caused quite a stir on social media. Some people are left jaw-dropped by the spectacle, while others burst into laughter over what they perceive as religion being turned into a joke in Ghana and across the African continent. It’s interesting how diverse opinions can be, isn’t it?

But let’s take a step back and think about what this video signifies. It reminds us of the power of the internet in our lives. Unlimited data not only brings us entertainment and distraction but also allows us to engage in discussions about important societal issues. It gives us a platform to escape our worries and brighten up our day with amusing videos like this one.

However, it also shows us the need for a deeper understanding of religion and its portrayal. While some may find the video amusing, it raises questions about the perception of spirituality in our society. Should religion be reduced to mere entertainment? Or should we strive for a more profound connection with our beliefs?

Watch the video below;


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