Poverty Made Me Black, I'm Naturally Fair - Florence Obinim

Poverty Made Me Black, I’m Naturally Fair – Florence Obinim

Florence Obinim, a Ghanaian gospel musician and the wife of Bishop Obinim, disproved the claims of her detractors that she had bleached her skin.

The singer said in a 2021 interview that she is a naturally fair-skinned woman, but owing to poverty, she was unable to maintain her skin tone.

Florence Obinim, the wife of Ghana’s sole Angel Daniel Obinim, has spoken out about the intense attention her skin tone has received recently.

She said that being poor had made her complexion darker, but that thanks to God’s blessings, she can now afford high-quality body lotion, which has caused her skin tone to lighten.

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I took after my mother and so people who know her and know me will not be shocked by my current shape. I vowed not to have too big a tummy after having my babies so I exercise constantly” she said.

Florence Obinim urges Ghanaians to stop criticizing her new appearance since it is just God’s blessings coming to fruition after years of suffering from poverty.

“Someone has a chocolate colour but because she’s not financially sound, she cannot buy good cream to make the skin glow, now she has money to buy good creams to make her skin glow why should that be a problem? ” she questioned her critics.