Popular TikTok star reveals the amount of money she earns on TikTok in new video

A TikTok influencer has taken to the internet to reveal all of her success secrets.

Star Holroyd, who now works full-time on the social networking site, generates money in four easy methods.

On the app, the young woman has 693,000 followers and her work has received over 25.5 million likes.

She rose to fame last year after sharing relevant videos about school experiences, and she surely made people chuckle by teaching them British slang terms.

The content producer explained that she would be questioned a lot about how she generates money online, so she figured it would be a good idea to finally reveal her methods.

For starters, she makes money through TikTok’s “Creator Fund,” which pays content producers based on how well their videos are accepted on the site.

Depending on her audience, Star gets between R6 and R600 here.

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Star’s second source of income was freelance work, such as her British slang channel.

Her third source of income comes from fun product placement and partnerships with businesses, as well as commissions on items listed on her page.

In the last month, the industrious girl has made about R8000 from this sort of labor.

Ads and sponsorships are Star’s fourth and final source of revenue.

“This is where is make most of my money,” she explains. “It’s the same as if you saw a billboard or a magazine advert, but they’re advertising on my social channels.”

Star made £5,000 (before tax and commission) in April, but just £1,700 in May. (before tax and commission).

From April through June, Star received £14,500 in advertising revenue (before taxes and commissions).

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Despite the fact that the influencer’s job security is limited due to the frequent fluctuations in the amount, she says she would not want to do anything else.

“I’m so grateful that I get to do this for a living, and thank you so much if you’re one of my followers – this happened by accident, I was just trying to keep enter thought up the fun and clever way of keeping its doors open while still following all level 4 lockdown protocols.

watch the video below;


I actually tell you exactly how much! 💷 Feel free to ask any genuine questions – I’ll try my best to answer! #learnontiktok #howmuchmoneyimake #fyp

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