“poor people will always be in the church, pastors buying cars and jets is not wrong”- Bishop Charles Agyinasare

Bishop Charles Agyinasare is fully enamored by his congregation’s wealth.

He recently hit out at rich representatives who do not spend their money on pastors. He said that those who spent money on their pastor would be blessed by God – in other words, send me all of your money in return for some enigmatic blessings.

Isn’t it still acceptable for him to spend all of his money on his church members in return for the same blessing? After all, the Bible states that it is better to donate than to gain, and Jesus urged the wealthy to give away their whole fortune to the needy. Why is it that he just wants to receive?

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Agyinasare has returned to preach about his love of money. He defended pastors who behave like oligarchs and purchase luxury jets in an interview with Joy News.

Pastors who are wealthy, he claims, make their money legally and so should be entitled to own private jets.

watch the video below.

Agyinasare, who sounded like a preacher about to announce his own private plane, said there’s nothing wrong with God’s leader on earth possessing so much money that it will embarrass Christ himself.

Christians enjoy the convenience of letting their pastors make decisions for them, allowing Agyinasare and his ilk to continue making money.

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These pastors would be out of a job in seconds if someone used their brain and truly read the bible and listened to Jesus’ voice.

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