Police prevent peaceful citizens from “Occupyjulorbihouse” protest – Videos

Day 2 of the #Occupyjulorbihouse protests, organized by the pressure organization “Democracy Hub,” is already ongoing, however, peaceful residents are being prevented from expressing their rights by police.

Legal practitioners have called the police action to prevent protestors from protesting illegally because only the court has the authority to halt or dismiss an intended protest.

The protest is intended to draw attention to present economic mismanagement and corruption at the highest levels of government and to urge Nana Addo and the Economic Management Team to take action to #FixTheCountry.

On the first day of the protests, which began on Thursday, September 21, police arrested and held around 49 people at several police stations throughout the city.

However, these people were freed at 8 p.m. on the same day they were arrested, setting the groundwork for ongoing calls for accountability.

The proposal of the Democracy Hub reflects growing dissatisfaction among ordinary Ghanaians who believe the government has been beset by economic mismanagement and suspected thievery.

The movement attempts to guarantee that these concerns are handled as soon as possible and as effectively as possible.

The reaction, or lack thereof, of Ghana’s celebrity community has been one notable component of the protests.

Fans have voiced dissatisfaction that many celebrities have kept mute and have not joined ordinary residents in calling for reform.

Celebrities’ apparent silence has sparked public outrage, with some fans accusing them of failing to use their platform to magnify the voices of those protesting for a better future.

This scandal brings to light a broader discussion concerning celebrities’ roles in social and political movements.

While celebrities have the right to express their opinions or refrain from participating in political issues, their impact can be considerable in raising awareness and mobilizing public opinion.

As a result, their involvement in movements such as “Occupy Julorbi House” may draw greater attention to the issues at hand.

Effah Gideon

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