“Please help me find my soul mate”- Lady pleads on social media as she searches for her childhood lover.

A woman identified on Twitter as @Nifash_ has requested assistance from social media users in locating a childhood friend she claims was her soulmate.

The two were very close friends back in the day. Photo: @Nifash_.

According to the Twitter user, her mother informed her that the long time male friend used to look out for her when they were younger – and that she believes that means they were meant to be together( he is her soul mate)

“I showed my mom this picture, and she said this is my soulmate because when we were small, he never wanted to leave my side. Like he’d always protect me. The thing is, I don’t know his name anymore and I kinda wanna know what he looks like today. Twitter help your girl,” she wrote.

Her post went viral, leaving netizens with mixed reactions concerning her plea.

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see some of the reactions below:

@DanielRegha said:

“Nifash, your childhood friend may likely be married or in a relationship so don’t be any lady’s enemy of progress; Reply DMs, “hi” the people in your street and the strangers you meet, your soulmate may be closer than you think.”

@Tomesene said:

“He’s married with five kids.”

@Lastkingpapaz commented:

“Nifemi Hi. I showed my mom this picture and she told me how I fought a lion and two tigers when I was a kid to protect you. DM me and let’s kick it off from there and my regards to your mom too.”