Please ban makeup: See the serious transformation of two ladies after wearing make-ups

People are calling for the government to outlaw cosmetics after two cousins shared a shine up so stunning that it sparked a stir online.

Ray Dazzy took to TikTok to share a before and after video of herself and her cousin Rosalinda Dershmuk, starting with the pair flaunting their make-up-free looks for the camera.

With flawless complexions and luxurious wigs, the duo looked stunning as they debuted their new look.

The relatives looked down the lens as The Boss Wives’ Pretend played over the top, drawing attention to the dark circles under their eyes and greying hair.

They then showed off their incredible transformation from make-up-free to magnificent, with flawless complexions and sparkling eyes.

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Their hair was also transformed from short and greying to long and luxurious, thanks to a black and green wig.

Hundreds of comments were left by impressed viewers, though some were terrified by the sheer power of their makeup skills.

“Like seriously, can the government ban make-up?” one person wrote, adding, “No wonder men don’t trust us.”

“This is against the law,” a third individual added.

“That’s why I usually go on a date when it’s raining,” said another.

“What sorcery is this?” someone another said. “She went from 50 to 20 in seconds.”

Others claimed that the cousins had made themselves look worse in the beginning by applying cosmetics to darken their under-eyes and yellow their teeth.

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Some wondered if the two used cosmetics to make themselves seem worse in the ‘before’ shot.

Some wondered if the two used cosmetics to make themselves seem worse in the ‘before’ shot

“Also acknowledge the pre-makeup!!! Bravo, girls! “one wrote.

You guys are funny with the before makeup shot… the after is amazing.

See their photos

Two cousins have caused a stir on TikTok with their incredible transformation
The pair looked incredible as they showcased their new look, with flawless complexions and luxurious wigs