"Plane mu Dropping" - Man Boards Plane From Kumasi To Accra, Realizes He's The Only Person On Board - Video

“Plane mu Dropping” – Man Boards Plane From Kumasi To Accra, Realizes He’s The Only Person On Board – Video

Manuel, a young Ghanaian photographer, revealed a humorous experience on his way to Accra from Kumasi aboard a flight.

Manuel Photography, as he is known on Twitter, said that he was surprised to discover he was the sole passenger on the plane after it took off.

The guy dug into his pocket for his phone and videotaped all the seats in front of and behind him to demonstrate that he was alone.

Manuel then filmed the sight outside the plane, which showed the sky and the ground below, proving that the plane was not motionless on the ground but was in full flight.

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All of the seats were freshly cleaned, and the aisle was tidy, which makes one ask why an airline would go to all of that trouble for only one customer.

“Guys, I picked an empty flight to Accra, Anaa mose plane ✈️ mu dropping? . I won’t mention the airline, but you know,” He said.