Photos: Young Girl with knee bent backward can now walk after life-changing surgery

A young girl who was born with a disability that caused her knees to bend backward is now able to walk to school.

Marie Madeleine, 13, was born with an uncommon condition. Her knee twisted as a result of the disease, and the issue worsened as she matured.

Marie Madeline who was born with knee bent backward pictured in green dress

Marie had to hobble to school every day and often struggled to keep up with her classmates.

Her family hoped and prayed for a miracle,’ and they were concerned that her limb would prevent her from living a regular life.

Thankfully, Marie is now walking with confidence after receiving life-changing surgery aboard a medical ship stationed off the coast of her native country, Senegal.

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‘We love God. Marie says, “God has healed me, and His plan for me is to walk like this now. 

Her leg’s excessively tight muscular contracture was the source of the problem. This caused her knee to hyperextend rearward.

Marie with her grandmother

The limp caused her discomfort, and while Marie remained optimistic, her grandma Adama was concerned about how it might influence her life in the long run.

‘My intention was for her to be like any other girl going to school with a backpack,’ Adama stated.

‘But because we couldn’t afford surgery, we just hoped for a miracle.’

Fortunately, a miracle occurred. A neighbor informed the family that Mercy Ships, an organization that operates hospital ships, was docking a ship only 100 miles away.

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Marie pictured with doctors during rehab

Her procedure was planned immediately and, luckily, went off without a hitch.

Marie needed hours of intensive therapy onboard the cruise to help her get back on her feet after her knee muscles had not been utilized correctly for 12 years.