People Who Say Negative Things About Me Are Not Happy In Life – KIDI

– KiDi underwent a significant mental shift during his break.
– He realized that trolls on social media should not be taken seriously.
– Many individuals engage in negative behavior online due to their own unhappiness.
– KiDi has grown and changed during his time away from the spotlight.

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How Taking a Break Transformed KiDi’s Life

Earlier this year, popular musician KiDi made the bold decision to step away from the music scene. Little did he know that this break would bring about significant changes in his life.

In a recent interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, the well-known “Odo” hitmaker shed light on how this hiatus allowed him to focus on various aspects of his life and brought about personal growth.

During his time away from the spotlight, KiDi underwent a remarkable mental shift. This shift prompted a journey of personal development and self-comprehension.

As he reflected on his journey, KiDi emphasized that he is not the same person he was back in February. The break has been instrumental in helping him grow and evolve as an individual.

One of the key insights KiDi gained during his break was the understanding that trolls on social media should not be taken seriously. He now realizes that many individuals who engage in negative behavior online are merely projecting their own frustrations and unhappiness onto others, including celebrities like himself.

“I now know that when people come on social media and say hurtful things, it’s not really about me. Some of them are unhappy in life. If you are unhappy, you take that out on anything and everything,” KiDi explained.

This newfound perspective has allowed KiDi to navigate the online world with a sense of resilience and calm. He no longer allows the words of trolls to affect him deeply, recognizing that their negativity is a reflection of their own troubled state of mind.

Instead, he focuses on the positive feedback and support from his fans, using it as fuel to continue his musical journey.


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