"People who are complaining about my new car are villagers"- Hajia Bintu

“People who are complaining about my new car are villagers”- Hajia Bintu

Ghanaian socialite and influencer Hajia Bintu has talked about rumors about her trip to Nigeria that have been going around online.

The young woman, who was known for having big buttocks, was clearly making her complaints known.

She answered by making a recording of herself making strange lip-syncing sounds and talking about how annoyed she was by the abuse she had been getting since she got back.

You might remember that Hajia Bintu made a big deal about her brand-new Jaguar as soon as she got back from Nigeria.

Many expected before she left that she would come back with a brand-new automobile, a mansion, and a claim that she had been working hard.

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By announcing her automobile hours after arriving in Ghana, Hajia somewhat vindicated her detractors.

She has also unavoidably received harsh criticism, to which she has now formally responded.

Watch the video below.