'People use to laugh at my name Sherif Frimpong Ismail'- Black Sherif reveals

‘People use to laugh at my name Sherif Frimpong Ismail’- Black Sherif reveals

Black Sherif, a sensational artist from Ghana, has explained in a recent interview why he continues to use the names “Kwaku Killa” and “Kwaku Frimpong” in his music.

Black Sherif revealed, during an interview with Spotify RADAR Africa that he had been bullied in the past because of the Kwaku names that he uses.

“You see now I use Kwaku, KK, a lot. I used to get bullied for it. At the time, I was Sherif Frimpong Ismail”, the artist said.

Black Sherif said

“At the time, I was Sherif Frimpong Ismail. Those bullies would say, ‘How are you, a Muslim, calling yourself Frimpong”, he said.

“I didn’t like the Frimpong name, even though that’s my father’s name. Due to that history, I have always felt I have to do something, I have a debt to pay, pay my dues, so that name would be mentioned and honored. That’s why I never front Sherif Muhammed Ismail a lot”.

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“I rather from Kwaku Frimpong, he stressed. The name is actually my identity, he added.