"People appreciate the work I do, that keeps me going"- NSMQ quiz Mistress (video)

“People appreciate the work I do, that keeps me going”- NSMQ quiz Mistress (video)

According to Professor Elsie A. B. Effah Kaufmann, who serves as the host of the well-known National Science and Maths Quiz, one of the things that makes her happy about her role as host of the show is the wonderful response she has received over the years.

Professor Kaufmann has been the host of the very popular quiz show since 2006. She is also the Dean of the Engineering faculty at the University of Ghana.

There has been a lot of talk ever since she gained control of the event, particularly in the last five years.

In a recent interview on the Delay Show, Professor Kaufmann, who had no idea what the show was about until she was approached to take over in 2005, claimed that witnessing all the buzz made her feel appreciated.

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According to her, she treats seriously any responsibility that is bestowed upon her and is ecstatic whenever others acknowledge the value of her efforts.

“Whatever I do in life, I give it my all. The buzz around the program makes me feel people appreciate the work I put into it,” she told Delay.