"White wedding is a waste of time and money"- Pastor reveals

“White wedding is a waste of time and money”- Pastor reveals

A pastor in Nigeria said that feeding guests at a wedding is not only unnecessary, but it also goes against what the Bible says.

During a sermon, Abel Damina emphasized that a legal marriage takes place when the parents of the bride and groom join their children in holy matrimony after all the conditions of the marriage have been fulfilled.

He said anything beyond that was superfluous and should be abandoned. And to him, the couples should put that money to better use than on expensive receptions that feed hundreds of guests.

here are his exact words:

A wedding is just a celebration after marriage. Because the real marriage is when parents give their children to one another and not the reception. So all that wedding is unnecessary,”

“It is not in the Bible. There are no weddings in the Bible. A white wedding is a white man’s culture. It is not a biblical thing. In the Bible, marriage means parents handing over the children when the requirements of the family are met.

“Once that happens, marriage has happened, and as a responsible Christian, you call your pastor to speak a blessing. You don’t need to feed people. You don’t need to wear gown”