Pastor arrested for faking his own kidnap in other to extort money from church members – Video

Adegoke Adewuyi, a Nigerian pastor, was detained by police for faking his own kidnapping in order to extort money from church members.

To give the idea that he had been abducted, the Ekiti-based preacher secluded himself in a hotel for three days.

He had his accomplice inform his church that he had abducted him and demanded a 3,000 Naira ransom before he would release him.

The pastor just sent anxious messages to the congregation, prompting people to begin contributing to the ransom money.

Following a tip from the church that their pastor had been kidnapped, Asuquo Amba, the commissioner of police in Ekiti State, said they tracked the phone the kidnapper was using to bargain for the ransom.

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Investigators followed the trail to a motel, where the pastor was resting with the fake kidnapper.

Adegoke Adewuyi said he was under spiritual attack after his detention.

watch the video below;