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Girls High School Student Who Slept With Security Guard Expelled

A student was dismissed from Mabelreign Girls High after a sex scandal. The guard, David Tembo, estimated to be in his late thirties, allegedly quit in an attempt to cover up the affair. A 16-year-old Form Three student was recently expelled from Mabelreign Girls High School after having many s.e.xual …

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Hajia Bintu denies pregnancy rumors with new saucy photos

Hajia Bintu, a well-known Ghanaian Tiktok star and brand influencer, has quickly debunked wild claims that she was impregnated by her career manager. Hajia Bintu’s manager was accused of impregnating the video vixen who became an internet sensation because of her heavy backside by ghost Instagram blogger @Abathegreat. Hajia Bintu …

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