Our senior high schools are becoming hotspots for prostitution

Senior High School education is vital in preparing young children for the future.

A decline in child marriage is attributed to secondary education, according to some education experts.

Thankfully, Ghana’s education is now free up to senior high school. Every Ghanaian hopes that in ten to fifteen years, Ghana will reap the rewards of this important decision.

However, our senior high schools have now become hotspots for prostitution, according to Mr. Gborgbortsi, former communications director of the Coalition of Concerned Teachers-Ghana.

Mr. Gborgbortsi claims the senior high schools are lawless. According to him, what is going on in our senior high schools today is unspeakable, and it includes the LGBTQ+, which Ghanaians have vehemently opposed.

nvde pictures and videos of young girls in high schools twerking have been appearing on social media almost daily. Although mobile phone use by students is prohibited in Ghanaian senior high schools, it appears that almost every student has one.

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That’s probably why we see so many student photos and videos on social media.

The same students shoot photos and videos with their phones. Even as adults, we know how easily distracted we can be by our phones.

What will happen to these young boys and girls with these phones? Sadly, the teachers who could help are helpless.

Aside from the poor working conditions, the Ghanaian teacher also has to contend with obnoxious deductions from his meager pay.

It appears that even in class, the Ghanaian teacher has lost control. The poor teacher could only keep quiet to save his job until a better one came along. Students now beat up and threaten teachers who refuse to let them cheat on exams.

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What will become of our nation if this continues in our schools? This is a wake-up call for parents and educators according to Mr. Gborgbortsi.