“ Osei Kwame Despite is ungrateful to me After everything I did for him” – Abusua Panin Judas said cries.

Judas was an actor who worked on films with Santo until he died. In fact, when discussing legends in the Ghanaian film industry, they must never be overlooked. They were a hit with Ghanaians.

He is now living in another country, where he is facing life alone. The once movie star and celebrity is currently suffering in another country. That is, his financial problems are not at all healthy.

This man was recently interviewed on Kwaku Manu’s Aggressive Interview, where he discussed his life problems. He is now alone in a foreign country, and he is very lonely.

But now that he’s in Ghana, he has nothing to work for.

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According to him, was the one who assisted Osei. Despite the fact that he was once very poor and is now wealthy, he has forgotten everything he and Santo did for him.

He claims that when they were famous in Ghana, they used to make audio cassettes for Osei Kwame Despite to sell and make money.

He was also one of those who came up with the idea of Osei Kwame Despite establishing the peace FM that we now hear of today.

He went on to say that Osei Kwame Despite had promised not to turn his back on them if he became successful, but today, Osei Kwame Despite is wealthy and has decided not to look for him.

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Kwaku Manu, therefore, begged Judas to ensure that the message reached Osei Kwame despite the fact that he is capable of doing more than just taking care of him.

Osei Kwame Despite has been doing a fantastic job for the needy and jobless, and he may have simply forgotten about him, but if he remembers him, he can assist him.