Osebo Owns A House Whilst You Still Rent, You are Not His Class – Netizens Fires Nana Aba Anamoah Over Master’s Degree Boast

Nana Aba Anamoah’s response to a fan who expressed his intention to propose to her after completing his master’s degree has generated considerable controversy online.

In her reply, Anamoah stated that she already possesses two master’s degrees, implying that unless the person in question was pursuing his fifth, he would not be qualified enough.

This led another social media user to ask if Osebo, with whom Anamoah had a relationship in the past, had a master’s degree when they were involved.

This comment sparked a massive reaction, resulting in numerous discussions. One such conversation, found on the timeline of blogger thosecalledcelebs, caused a significant stir.

A netizen defended Nana Aba, stating that she was younger when she met Osebo and that if she were to choose a partner today, she would not choose him.

This angered the blogger, who subsequently came to Osebo’s defense and listed reasons why he would be a better match for Nana Aba than she would be for him.

She wrote: “…So Nana Doe and the yahoo boys she has been allegedly dating are far better than Osebo onn?? This man here is one of the successful and business minded in Ghana….do u know how successful he is?? Do you know how respectful he is… he is too friendly and humble.

“…Mind you…she is not bigger than Osebo in anyway…. is it in properties or cars? Business or what? Travel experience or exposure? you people are so so funny. Remember your girls prefect still rents….she is not a landlady ooooo….. this man you are talking about issa landlord to so many houses.

“He speaks different languages…. he can travel around the world with his passport…. he got businesses and cars…. and you can’t predicts someone’s future with their degrees or no degrees…. we still have degree holders who are so so hungryyyy….” she added.

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