"Onua TV gave Mcbrown Ghc 500,000 to pouch her from UTV"- New rumors drop

“Onua TV gave Mcbrown Ghc 500,000 to pouch her from UTV”- New rumors drop

For the past 24 hours, Nana Ama Mcbrown’s unexpected switch from UTV to ONUA TV has been trending on social media.

The clever actress has recently joined Media General’s Onua TV.

Her unveiling took place on Monday morning and was celebrated with a traditional Ashanti cultural performance.

According to rumors that circulated after her departure from UTV, she left on a bad note because a lot had transpired behind the scenes prior to her “famous” farewell.

Nana Ama McBrown did not submit her resignation to the Despite Media management, according to information provided directly by Instagram blogger ThoseCalledCelebs.

In actuality, McBrown relationship  with Dr. Osei Kwame despite and fadda dickson and those at the top of the hierarchy were so powerful that they never foresaw her departure.

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They appeared to be as shocked as we were to learn that McBrown was moving to Media General from blogs and social media, but they took the rumors with a grain of salt.

Many social media users have been forced to label the honoree actress as ungrateful as a result of this unconfirmed report.

Some employees of the Despite media outlet have publicly cast accusations against Nana Ama McBrown for leaving for Media General online during this saga.

Mcbrown, according to award-winning Ghanaian YouTuber N.K Asamoah of Gossips24 Avenue, was allegedly stolen from UTV to ONUA TV for a fee of Ghc 500,000.

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No matter how loyal to their boss they are, almost everyone in the world will accept this enormous sum of money.

In the upcoming days, many unrevealed mysteries regarding the reason for McBrown’s termination from UTV will be revealed.

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