“Only spiritually immature people will have a problem with my make-up and dressing”- Diana Asamoah.

Evangelist Diana Asamoah has attacked the naysayers who have accused her of wearing high heels and wigs while preaching.

Critics of the singer cum preacher do not understand how she used to berate other ladies for wearing it, but now she thinks it’s cool and calls it “worldly” attire.

As for those who are critiquing her, she has highlighted that they are still infants in the Christian faith and that they will eventually come around.

Speaking in an interview on Angel FM she stated that wearing makeup, wigs and high heel is not a sin in the presence of God.

Only mature Christians can appreciate the value of high heels and make-up, according to Diana Asamoah.

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Despite the criticism of certain men of God, she insists that she will not be distracted from her mission to spread the gospel.