One Macho man beat 3 police officers as they try to arrest him (watch video)

Macho man fights off officers and flings one into a gutter after being stopped and attempting to force him out of his car.

Many people in Africa appear to have lost faith in uniformed officers, despite the widespread belief that the police are our friends.

As a result, many men and women in uniform are treated with suspicion.

Some police officers have become thorns in the flesh of public transportation drivers, taking advantage of every opportunity to bill and extort them.

Many drivers have become dissatisfied with this practice and have taken matters into their own hands.

Recently, a motorist was captured on video fighting off uniformed men who attempted to force him out of his car after he had been stopped.

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The man then got out of his car and began attacking the officers, pushing two of them at the same time.

When one of the officers placed his hand on him, he snatched the officer by the collar and threw him into a nearby dry gutter.

Take a look at the video below: