"Old men are better l!ckers in bed than young men"- Actress Amma Serwaa

“Old men are better l!ckers in bed than young men”- Actress Amma Serwaa

Amma Serwaa, a well-known actress and fashion designer in Ghana, recently unleashed her wrath on the younger generation of males in Ghana in regard to bed-related issues.

In the studios of etvGhana, the above-mentioned actress, who may have been drawing from her own personal experience, stated that older men should never be underestimated when the topic of higher performance in bed was brought up. Perhaps she was drawing from her own experiences.

Amma Serwaa believes that older men are better able to L!k than these younger guys, adding that all of these younger guys are only interested in releasing their sperm into the lady, and they do not take proper care of the lady’s body while they are having sexual relations with her.

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During an interview with Adwen the Love Doctor for the adult show ‘In Bed with Adwen’ that airs on etvGhana, Amma Serwaa emphasized the significance of taking one’s time and not rushing during sexual activity.