Ohemaa woyeje admits that she takes weed (video)

The outspoken nature of presenter Ohemaa Woyeje is one of her most appealing qualities. She could not care less what other people thought of her.

She claims that she has embraced herself for who she is, and that anyone who criticizes her appearance is the one who is losing sleep, not her.

According to Ohemaa, trading words with trolls or replying to accusations and rumors about her is not something she enjoys doing because it adds nothing to her life.

She revealed that she does not smoke pot during her combative interview with Kwaku Manu. According to the mother of one, she buys some everytime she visits her husband in Amsterdam because it is legal there; nonetheless, she has never smoked weed.

She does, however, subtly reveal that, just as certain drugs can make you high, some drinks can as well, implying that, while she may not be smoking weed, she may be using it in other ways, as the Bible itself states that we should eat food and use herbs for medicinal purposes, classifying weed as a herb.

She also mentioned her political leanings. She claims to be one of the few people who avoids politics because she understands how harmful it can be.

She claims to know a number of high-profile politicians, but that is about it; she says she does not take any money from them since she is too busy growing her brand and keeping up with her hustle.

That is why, according to Ohemaa, she was enraged when people suggested she was an NDC member after her interview with John Mahama right before the elections, making it appear as though they were the ones who helped her get to where she is now, adding that she had to be “uncultured” about it.


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