Official: Onua TV Confirms Captain Smart Left To Akosombo With 90% Of Their Presenters

Captain Smart’s attendance in Akosombo with other presenters was formally confirmed by Onua TV management, who could not keep up with his fantastic deeds.

In the weeks following Captain Smart’s arrival on Onua TV, various forecasts for his future production began to circulate.

Some questioned his abilities, while others believed he would be an advantage rather than a problem for Onua Television.

Captain Smart has proven to be a tremendous asset and those of us who predicted this has been proven correct.

Today, the station formally responded to Captain Smart’s decision to move over 90% of Onua employees to a meeting for orientation and brainstorming, which occurred this morning.

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It is said by them that Captain Smart’s Action is a part of the station’s plans to provide high-quality programming for their adoring audience.

Pictures of him directing the workers on various tasks were posted on the TV station’s website and Captain Smart’s Facebook page.

Please see below for a few photos from the Akosombo venue, where Captain Smart showered the staff with a variety of talents.


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