Odartey Lamptey’s ex-wife appeals court order to vacate East Legon Mansion.

Gloria Appiah, Nii Odartey Lamptey’s ex-wife, has filed yet another petition to maintain the former footballer’s East Legon property.

She claims she cannot stay in the Dome since she wants to be an East Legon landlady.

As a final resort, Gloria Appiah has filed a third appeal to save the mansion.

She recently lost her second attempt to keep the residence after an appeals court dismissed it.

Gloria Appiah took Odartey to court on Thursday in an attempt to take ownership of a seven-bedroom East Legon property owned by the footballer, which she presently stays in.

She desired it in addition to his four-bedroom Dome Mansion, which she had already acquired following their divorce.

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Despite receiving the Dome mansion, she refuses to leave East Legon.

Since the divorce settlement, she has been living at the East Legon home for the past two years.

Odartey made it obvious after his recent court victory that he intends to expel her from the residence in the coming days.

Gloria has apparently filed a third appeal to stop the eviction!

This is nothing more than harassment of a man whose life she has already ruined.

Gloria Appiah had been married to Odartey Lamptey for more than two decades, but she had been cheating on him the entire time.

They had three children together, whom Odartey raised for the rest of his life, before realizing a few years ago that they were not his!

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This modern-day Jezebel had cheated on him for all three children and forced him to raise them, unaware that they were not his own!

Despite this, she is unafraid. She is still hounding Odartey for money and property.

Gloria reportedly requested 50% of Odartey’s money in the initial divorce settlement, in addition to the East Legon property she wanted to keep.

Thankfully, the trial judge dismissed that absurd claim.

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