Nursery Kids In Abenabo Carry Their Own Own Stool To School (So sad)

Nursery Kids In Abenabo Carry Their Own Own Stool To School (So sad)

Nursery students in Abenabo, a farming community in the Suhum Municipality of the Eastern Region, face transportation challenges.
These children, aged 4 to 7, are seen carrying their parents’ kitchen stools and chairs to school at Abenabo Presby Nursery School. They have to sit on these things to learn because there aren’t enough desks and chairs in their school.

We often think of these kids as the country’s future leaders, but this situation demonstrates how lonely they are. Despite the fight for universal free basic education, this is how they are prevented from receiving a good education.

Despite the fact that the school is one of the oldest in town, it does not even have a single chair for the students to use to make learning more enjoyable.

We know that kids who don’t bring their kitchen stools to school end up having to study while sitting on the floor.

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As a result, some of the children become infected with bacteria and become ill quickly. As a result, they are unable to attend school every day.

In an interview, Rose Adjatey, one of the Nursery Kids, said that she was worried about how things were going for them. She said, “Learning in school is not fun at all because there aren’t enough good chairs and desks for learning.”

“We have to bring our parents’ kitchen stools to school every day, and we have to bring them back when school is over. “What’s funny is that our parents use the same chairs in the kitchen at home to do their housework,” she said.

Nene Narteh Akrota II, the Odikro of the Abenabo Community, stated that the situation was very bad and that it had harmed the schoolchildren’s grades.

Worried Chief stated, “We have asked the authorities several times to help us solve the problem, but to no avail.”

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“The MP for Suhum, Oboafo Kwadwo Asante, and the Suhum Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Margaret Darko, don’t seem to care at all, even though they’ve been asked to help several times,” he said.

Nene Akrotia II asked the Ghana Education Service (GES), the MP for the Suhum Constituency, the Suhum MCE, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), and individuals to help them.

Nursery Kids In Abenabo Carry Their Own Own Stool To School (So sad)