NSMQ: Quizz mistress shocked after Keta Senior High answered a maths question even before she finished reading (video)

Bright Senyo Gadzo, a student representing Keta Senior High and Technical School (Ketasco) in the quarterfinals match versus St Louis and Ghana National earlier today, left the quizmaster, Prof. Elsie Effah Kaufmann, dumbfounded with his response to one of the questions during the speed race.

Prof. Elsie Effah Kaufmann was taken aback when he rang the bell and got his answer accurate while she was still reading a Mathematics question during the speed race.

Prof. Elsie Effah Kaufmann responded ‘how’ before saying that the answer was correct since she couldn’t accept the manner in which the young man pulled that one out.

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She went on to say how surprised she was because she hadn’t even asked the question yet, and she laughed uncontrollably for a while.

Check out the video of the event below.

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