“Nobody Told Me Its Very Lonely Moving to Canada”: Lady Says After Traveling

“Nobody Told Me Its Very Lonely Moving to Canada”: Lady Says After Traveling

A young Nigerian woman living in Canada has shared a video detailing the benefits and drawbacks of living there.

She claimed that many things were never told to her when she moved to a foreign country.

According to the woman, living in Canada is very lonely, and being a student while working is difficult. Despite these factors, she revealed that transportation is inexpensive and that the ability to earn a lot of money is guaranteed.

In response to one of her video comments, she stated:

“It’s Lonely and sometimes (everday) I cry. But money must be made. I came all the way to have a better life.”


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samuel_ukoha said:

“You see how she talked about canada and being lonely but never discouraged anyone from relocating there. That is how it should be.”

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Otunba_Musty said:

“I would appreciate if you explain to me how much it costs to fly to Canada so that I can start saving money for the same.”

Vennesha Drummond Sc said:

“It is very good living here in Canada. I got married here over two years ago and I love the place.”

ekemoney25 said:

“I am on my way coming there even though I am still waiting for my visa to be processed. I pray to God to make things work for me.”

Kenny Taiwo asked:

“What is the least amount of money that someone must have in their bank account before beginning the process of traveling there?”

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She replied:

“If you’re going there to study then your bank statement must show the whole amount you are going to pay for your schoool fees until you graduate.”