“Nobody can bring my career down” – Black Sherif

“Nobody can bring my career down” – Black Sherif

Young Ghanaian superstar Black Sherif is confident that his musical career is built on a strong and stable foundation that cannot be shaken, moved, or destroyed in any way.

The young man claims that he does not have any reservations regarding the viability and continued success of his professional path. Black Sherif made this statement in response to the possibility of attacks and acts of sabotage being carried out against his coming to prominence.

He emphasized that “no weapon formed against his career shall prosper.”

The “Kwaku the Traveler” singer did concede that there would be those who will rose up against him and try to bring him down, but that their efforts would be futile.

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With a pure heart, he said, he is confident that his enemies and detractors would fail in their efforts to destroy him and his career.

“Nobody can sabotage me. They can try, but I don’t believe it will happen to me because I haven’t wronged anyone, ” Black Sherif said in an interview with love FM 99.7

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