No Man has ever proposed to me due to how I look though am intelligent – Lady Cries Out

An anonymous lady has cried out loud about her appearance and she claims no man has ever proposed to her.

the unidentified lady took to a Facebook platform, Abena Manokekame to share what she is going through for more advice from fans and followers.

according to the lady, even though she is very intelligent, no man has ever proposed to her because of how she looks.

she claims though she looks very beautiful, she is so skinny and feels men are not proposing to her because of her appearance.

she wrote;

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“Hello Aunty Abena. God bless you so much for the work you are doing. It hasn’t been long since I started following Manokekame page on Facebook.

Aunty Abena I have a problem. I’m so skinny. I mean super skinny. I feel so unconfident when I’m outside. Almost everyone around me tells me to gain weight. I have tried vitamins and other fatty foods but still ne3 meti a na meti (I’m still the same). Fortunately for me I have a very pretty face with beautiful eyes and pink lips and super intelligent and creative. There are lots of things I can do which I haven’t learnt. Whenever i dress and go out everybody says I look very beautiful but Aunty Abena, no guy stops me to have a chat. They just smile and pass. Sometimes I feel its because I’m skinny and not well endowed. This is really depressing me. I want to accept the way I am but the pressure from those around me is something. Everytime it’s “You look pretty but gain weight” . I’m in one of the best private University in Ghana and no guy in my class has approached me to propose o. When they come, it’s only because they need help with an assignment or understanding into a topic. I’m known as the shark in my class.

Aunty Abena, please post for me and let me hear from your fans. Please keep me anonymous. Insults are welcomed.”

see screenshot below;

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