“Nigerian Men spend on women more than St!ngy Ghanaian men”- Actress Veronica Chi chi

Nigerian men are sweeter in bed than Ghanaian men-Liberian Actress Chi Chi Neblett says - BrownGH.Com

Veronica Chi Chi Neblett, a Liberian actress, has ranked Nigerian guys higher than any other men she has ever dated.

In an interview, the voluptuous film diva stated that she prefers men from Nigeria to her Ghanaian brothers.

According to Veronica Chi Chi Neblett, Nigerian guys are better in bed than Ghanaian men.

Veronica Chi Chi Neblett stated that she would be open to dating a Nigerian if it led to marriage.

As predicted, the Liberian actress complimented Nigerian men for lavishing their wives with gifts.

“What I love about Nigerian men is that they know how to spend on their women. I have dated a Nigerian man. They sweet die! Mad oh! If I get one that wants to marry me why not, I’ll accept the marriage proposal.” – She said

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