Nigerian couple living in the UK gives birth to a miracle white baby (Video)

Astonished by the birth of a white baby girl, Nmachi Ihegboro, with blonde hair and blue eyes, to a Black couple in Britain in 2010, despite the fact that she had no known white ancestry, medical specialists and her parents, who are originally from Nigeria, were left speechless.

Doctors at Queen Mary Hospital in Sidcup have determined that Nmachi is not an albino, while further reports have suggested that this has not been ruled out completely.
According to an interview with The Sun, Baby Nmachi’s parents had two Black children at the time as they “sat and stared” at their white newborn.

The Miracle Baby: The mystery story behind how a UK-based Nigerian couple gave birth to a white baby [+Video]

“She is gorgeous, she is a miracle baby,” Angela Ihegboro remarked of her daughter, while the father, who had jokingly queried as to whether the child was indeed his, responded, “Of course she is.” My wife is loyal to me.

She might have been anywhere else, and the baby wouldn’t have been that way!”

The birth of different-colored twins to parents of mixed heritage has been reported several times in recent years, according to sources.

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Ben and Angela, on the other hand, do not come from such a background that medical professionals may have utilized to explain their condition to the public.

As a result, three hypotheses were proposed: Nnamchi is the result of a one-of-a-kind gene mutation, and if this is the case, she will pass the gene on to her children if she has any in the future, who will most likely also be white; Nnamchi is the result of a unique gene mutation; 

She is also the product of long-dormant white genes that infiltrated both of her parents’ lineages and have stayed dormant until this point. Albinism is the third condition to be considered.

A copy of the albino gene could be carried by both parents, according to Professor Ian Jackson of the Medical Research Council’s Human Genetics Unit, who explained that the albino gene had previously not been discovered in any known family member for years.

The Miracle Baby: The mystery story behind how a UK-based Nigerian couple gave birth to a white baby [+Video]

In an interview with the BBC, Jackson said: “This is certainly one of the most frequent recessive syndromes in Nigeria, and we must remember that it expresses itself in a variety of ways.”

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When it comes to Type 2, we’d expect to see creamy skin and yellow or light brown hair, which could darken with age in some situations.”

In the opinion of the experts, Nnamchi’s skin would darken as time went on. “In any case, she doesn’t have the appearance of an albino baby.” This isn’t like the ones I’ve read about in literature or in Nigeria. “She just appears to be a normal, healthy white kid,” Ben subsequently remarked to the newspaper The Sun.

I was raised by my mother, who is a black Nigerian woman with lighter skin than mine. “On the other hand, we are not aware of any white forefathers.” We began to wonder if it was the result of a genetic abnormality. Regardless, what’s with the long wavy blonde hair on the top of her head?

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