‘Never Forgive Your Boyfriend If He Impregnates Another Woman’ – Says Counselor Oduro, Here Is Why

Renowned marriage counselor Charlotte Oduro has disclosed that ladies shouldn’t forgive their boyfriend if they impregnate another woman.

according to the counselor, any guy who impregnates another woman while he has a girlfriend is a cheater and he is also not a marriageable material.

speaking in an interview, Couselor Oduro said;

“You like him. Does he love you? If he liked you, he wouldn’t have gone to sleep with any person and impregnate the particular person,”

the counselor stated that if you dare marry your boyfriend after he impregnates another woman, he will still cheat on you even if he becomes your husband.

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she added;

“If you’re right here and a man you’re not married to tells you: ‘I’m sorry. I like you but it surely was a mistake and I impregnated that woman. I’m sorry. Are you able to forgive me; I gained’t do it once more.’ Please begin registering in your coronary heart – if you wish to marry a person like that – there are 20 youngsters coming so as to add as much as yours. [This is because] as a result of that mistake that made him try this he’ll nonetheless do it…you can’t change him,”