Netizens blast Serwaa Amihere for selling a GH¢360,000 smart toilet with WiFi – Video

A viral video displaying a high-tech water closet available in Ghana has elicited a frenzy of emotions from social media users on the X platform.

Serwaa Amihere, a media figure, posted the video, which left many people perplexed by the WC’s exorbitant price tag of GH360,000.

Amihere was barefoot in the video, exhibiting the toilet’s unique characteristics, including its hands-free operation via built-in sensors.

Amihere effortlessly activated the WC in the video by hovering her foot near its sides, enabling the lid to open smoothly.

She repeated this operation, and the lid lifted effortlessly, displaying the toilet’s superior technology.

She expanded on the WC’s possibilities by covering it with the same touchless technique, emphasizing its convenience and hygienic aspects.

The expensive price of GH360,000, on the other hand, aroused eyebrows among social media users.

One customer went online and noticed that the same smart water closet was available for a substantially reduced price of $9,937.50, which is comparable to GH113,770.44.

This dramatic disparity in pricing has many wondering why Ghana appears to have increased prices.

The WC’s opulent features, such as WiFi connectivity and motion sensors, amused some customers.

While some may find these capabilities unnecessary, they are indicative of an increasing trend toward smart technology integration in daily items, including toilets.

Nonetheless, in the Ghanaian market, the premium associated with these features was a source of dispute among social media users.

The popular video and subsequent debates have highlighted pricing and adoption discrepancies in smart home technology across regions.

It has also created a broader debate regarding the utility of such opulent amenities and whether they are worth the high price tag.

As social media users continue to express their thoughts and comments, Ghana’s smart water closet remains a source of interest and debate.

Watch the video below;

Effah Gideon

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