Nayas’ husband finally speaks after all the disgrace his wife has put him through (video)

Nana Sarfo Kantanka, the husband of Ghanaian actress Nayas, has finally responded to allegations about his failing marriage.

According to an audio clip circulating on social media, the estranged husband of the actress acknowledged that his marriage to the actress had been in disarray for some time.

Nana Sarfo seized the opportunity to apologize unequivocally to his wife and family for the punishment he meted out to her. He said that he never intended to harm his wife’s reputation, but the circumstance was beyond his control.

According to him, their families are attempting to fix the matter behind the scenes, and he is hopeful that their marriage will work again.

Nana Sarfo then begged his wife to forgive him for his misdeeds and to come home.

watch the video below:

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