Nana Romeo caught on tape asking a young lady to sleep with him before giving her a loan

A leaked WhatsApp audio has surfaced on the internet and it has a man believed to be Nana Romeo, The radio presenter at Accra FM, asking a lady for sex before he can give her a loan that she asked for.

This audio was immediately leaked after angry Wendy Shay exited Accra FM over repeated questions been asked from Nana Romeo about her relationship with Bullet.

In the audio, He was head demanding for sex before the lady gets whatever she wants. he also revealed that he has admired the lady for years and she has been turning him down.

He said: “My dear, I don’t know why you’re making this matter so complicated, you know I don’t give out loans… At the end of the day, you know what I want. I’m a man, you’re a woman.”

“I have proposed to you and asked you to come home. It’s not as if I want to just make love to you once and you go away; no! But you know how tough life is. If any man wants to help… I told you I like you long ago. Come home; you don’t want to come. And you expect help from me. When I ask you to come, you don’t want to come. I don’t know why you’re being so”

It was not  specify if the lady agreed to his terms and conditions or not.

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watch the video below: